Masters Course

Get in depth with your underwater self 
and immerse yourself in Freediving
Build awareness and learn 
to optimize your Freediving skills
 in our Masters course.

Dive, dive, dive!!


  • Learn to set up your own buoy and lines
  • Build experience by assisting in multiple beginner and advance courses
  • Observe first hand personalized teaching styles tailored to different studnet personalities

Open water sessions

  • Depth Training, FIM, CWT
  • Exhale Dives
  • Endurance exercises
  • FreeFall correction
  • CNF Training
  • Safety Diver drills

Dry Training

Safety and efficiency to deeper depths

Dynamic & Static

  • Shallow water/pool dynamic exercises
  • Static Breath holds
  • O2 and CO2 tables

Daily routine

  • Thoracic Stretching
  • BTV Gym
  • Apnea Walks
  • Self Evaluation